Global DISC Behavioral Profiles – Research and Statistics

By: John Ruh

A research white paper done by Bill J. Bonnstetter, Dave Bonnstetter and Ron Bonnstetter, PhD examines 10 different countries and their DISC profile makeup. They sampled between 1,000 and 74,000 people per country and charted the percentages that fall into the D, I, S, or C profile categories.  See how the United States DISC profiles have changed over the last 20 years.  Sign up below and we will email you entire the white paper.

DISC Profiles at Your Company

Has your staff completed their DISC profiles? We can chart out the breakdown of D, I, S, and C behavioral differences within your company. We use this data to discuss your leadership style and how your behavior impacts/improves teamwork, productivity, and decreases conflict. Contact Darlene Ruh for more information at (773) 775-6636 or email


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DISC is A behavioral tool that helps people recognize their own behavioral strengths and weaknesses along with those of others. It is particularly effective at helping you better understand and communicate with people whose style you find difficult. It can be used in managing, marketing, coaching, team building, sales and recruiting.