Culture Survey

What is a Culture Survey?

Culture is the shared vision, mission and values that guide the thinking and behavior of groups and individuals. Herb Keller, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines famously said, “Culture is what people do when no one is looking”. A Culture Survey is a best practice tool to understand some of those unspoken perceptions and attitudes as well as support everyone with alignment and commitment. It is a great way to determine if the people you are depending on understand your game plan or your way of doing business.

A Culture Survey differs from an Employee Survey from one basic standpoint: A Culture Survey is the “We” perspective. An Employee Survey offers the “I” perspective.

Why Do It?

  1. Helps to properly define vision, goals, mission and values.
  2. Can provide insight on how to best define the team Game Plan to ensure common understanding and engagement.
  3. Effectively eliminates the most significant problem often plaguing organizations (see below).

A Significant Problem Most Organizations Face

The root of underperforming organizations is a lack of common understanding and direction. When team members miss or have differing views of the group’s history, current state and direction, along with a lack of awareness of the code of conduct (we call this rules in sports) expected by all players, there is certain to be disfunction.

Executing a Culture Survey

  1. A simple letter is sent (John M. Ruh and Associates can help with this) by the company President/GM to employees explaining what the survey is about and why it is being done.
  2. Simple direct survey questions are created with you and your leadership team.
  3. John M. Ruh and Associates distributes the surveys to all participants. Responses need to be done by a third party so people feel safe to complete the survey with honest answers.
  4. Results are summarized into a consolidated format and are discussed with you.
  5. The results can be used to effectively clarify the culture and address gaps, and work begins to complete a written, user-friendly Game Plan with all of the key cultural elements.
  6. An implementation plan can be developed and put in place that makes it a process vs an event to always keep your culture alive and well.

Does it Work? See Testimonials

Introductory offer

A one-month complementary partnering agreement to start the process of getting to know you, your culture and people.

Suggested Workshop

What is Company Culture?

  • A basic explanation of company culture
  • Discussion of why it is important
  • How to define your company culture the right way

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