Defining Your Culture Right

What is it?

A proprietary 5 Star program with proven processes developed over many years that will put your stated culture into an established and practical game plan format.

3 Key Problems/Challenges it solves

  1. It will communicate where you have been, are now, and are going, including the why, and code of conduct for all existing and potential personnel.
  2. It can outline everyone’s role on the team, the mission of that role, and clearly outline expectations.
  3. Transparency – Everyone will be able to see the score, know what is happening and, most importantly, what they need to do to support your game plan.

How it works

Step 1. We spend the time to define your stated culture right through a combination of anonymous surveys and interviews, allotting the needed time to get an understanding of your culture and people.
Step 2. The culture we agree upon is put into a practical game plan format that is then used to Find, Focus, and Support/Empower the players you need to win the game.
Step 3. Continuous Improvement is made a companywide habit with weekly acknowledgement of results.
Step 4. Missing best practice tools are put in place. These tools are programs, processes and models with an accountable champion for each.
Step 5. We stop, review and go back to step one as a continuous improvement process to create and recreate our culture driven game plan.


Introductory Offer

  • For you, your department or your company: One free session with you and/or your team using our 7 questions to develop a sense of your culture.
  • Complimentary copy of our booklet, Why Bother with Business Culture?

Suggested workshops

  • Creating a Powerful User-Friendly Game Plan
    • How to put your company culture into a practical game plan format
    • How to use your game plan in Finding, Focusing and supporting those players you need to win
    • Practical tips to use annually, quarterly and monthly to keep your plan alive and well
  • What is Company Culture and how to define it right
    • A basic explanation of company culture
    • Discussion of why it is important
    • How to define your company culture the right way

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