Culture Based Retention and Recruitment Program is the ONLY Recruiting Program on the Market that Can Lower Your Human Resource Costs

Three Introductory Offers:

  1. One free leadership profile.
  2. The first recruitment description is done at half-price.
  3. One free 29-minute session for you and your team to understand the basics of 5-Phase Culture-Based interviewing.

Does Your Recruiting Program Do the Following?

10 Reasons to use CBRR:

  1. Reduce HR spend through a process that improves below-average performance, or effectively and compassionately replaces it?
  2. Provides a powerful, cultural-based recruitment description before beginning the search that defines the ideal candidate?
  3. Complete a culture-based prescreening along with skill qualifications?
  4. Provide an interviewing checklist and model to follow in order to qualify and interview right?
  5. Offer a full array of recruiting options to fit your budget to include a la carte options?
  6. Leverage a search team led by a former CEO that understands the importance of the right hire, and a team of researchers to find the needle in the haystack?
  7. Provide a written report of results weekly so you know the status of the search at all times?
  8. Include a behavior profile on the new hire to know how to support/empower/retain them?
  9. Offer a free leadership profile on the hiring manager so new hires understand the leadership style accurately upfront?
  10. Train you/your team on 3 Keys to Recruitment and 3 Keys to Retention?

CBRR is the only Recruiting and retention program on the market that can lower your HR costs.

“Keep the people you can’t afford to lose and lose the people you can’t afford to keep” Scott Urban

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