Culture-Based Recruiting and Retention

Most companies hire people for what they can do and fire them for who they are.”—Scott Urban

Benefits of Culture Fit

The choices and investments made in people are often the most critical for any organization. They can determine where an organization spends time and financial resources and how effectively it pursues its mission and strategy.

The Approach: Learn The Culture-Based Recruiting Model


When you employ this model, you assess people in 3 key areas:

  1. Culture alignment: the “non-negotiable” area—how they will fit with you and your team and the values your organization holds sacred.
  2. Skills, Experience, and Education—the “craft” capabilities to execute the job responsibilities.
  3. Intangible traits—the personal motivations and behaviors that backstop success in a role.

When you have a Recruitment Description/Blueprint that evaluates any potential hire in these three key areas and describes a “perfect 10”, your potential success in hiring increases significantly. Key point: never start any search without this leading-edge document in place.

Introductory offers:

  1. First Recruitment Description done at half price for the client.
  2. One Free Leadership profile done on you (the candidate will want to know your leadership style).
  3. One free mini session on either “5 Steps to Recruiting Right” or “How to do Culture Based Interviewing to See What is Invisible”.

This new culture-based recruitment model can transform your recruiting process, save money and time, and can help you accelerate business performance faster than you can anticipate.