Company Survey

Best Practice Tool for Organizational Health: The Team Survey

Why do an annual Team Survey?

An annual, anonymous survey is a great way to safely gauge the concerns, guidance and ideas from everyone on your team. The survey is a very valuable way to collect data for the development of an annual Game Plan and for establishing budgets and goals for the next year.

How it impacts your team:
A survey confirms that leaders respect the input and involvement of each individual, regardless of role or tenure. Because it allows all to have a place to contribute to the annual Game Plan, it has the “side effect” of truly getting everyone’s buy in and commitment to the plan, since they had a voice in the plan’s development.

How it Works:

  1. We recommend that the survey is conducted by an outside trusted source who will ensure the responses are kept anonymous and reported without prejudice to the business owner/leadership team. Some team members feel threatened if the survey is conducted in-house, so their answers may not be as truthful as you need. People may offer what you want to hear, not their real opinion.
  2. Typically, the survey is conducted online but can also be performed face to face if the business has less than 10 employees being surveyed. There are 8-10 recommended questions and it should take each person less than 30 minutes to complete. Questions can also be added to address particular goals or processes that may be of concern.
  3. The owner/leadership team will receive a detailed report of the results. We can also meet with the leadership team to interview them and make recommendations based on the Survey results.

Introductory Offer:

Workshops That Support the Survey Process and Game Plan Development:

  • Creating a Powerful User-Friendly Game Plan
    – How to put your organizational culture into a practical game plan format
    – How to use your game plan in Finding, Focusing and supporting those players you need to win
    – Practical tips to use annually, quarterly and monthly to keep your plan alive and well
  • What is Company Culture and Defining it Right
    – A basic explanation of company culture
    – Discussion of its impact and importance
    – How to define your company culture correctly