Top 10 Small Business Tools

Proven Best Practice Tools for Entrepreneurial-Minded Leaders

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” –Buckminster Fuller

  1. Small Business ToolboxYour Game Plan (Built on Your Unique Culture)
    Every company, team or individual can benefit from a “Game Plan”. We partner with you to define your culture and use it in a well-designed game plan format, allowing you to Find, Focus, Support, and retain the leadership and players needed to be successful in today’s market. Why? “Culture is the foundation of life and business”–John Ruh
  2. 365 Wheel of Continuous Improvement
    Measured weekly, the 365 Wheel of Continuous Improvement is a process-oriented program that develops continuous improvement into a habit. Research tells us two-thirds of your staff needs a structured program for continuous improvement to become a habit. Why? Change or die. See more here.
  3. DISC: 10 Proven Applications
    DISC is a worldwide best practice tool we have used for over 25 years. Our hands-on experience has yielded 10 customized applications. DISC can address communication issues, sales/customer service, leadership and many other common team issues. See more here.
  4. Culture-Based Retention and Recruiting
    This program establishes the 3 Keys to Retention and Recruitment under the philosophy that “Recruitment is expensive, and Retention is cheap”. Where are you going without finding the leadership team and role players you need? CBRR is a cost savings tool!
  5. Culture-Based Selling
    Any 5-star sales program needs 3 key components–this sales program has all 3 and is built on your unique culture with a strong new business development component to address the number one problem businesses face: finding ideal new clients.
  6. Culture-Based Leadership- 3 levels
    Leadership requires a foundation and adaptation. This 3-level process oriented self-driven program outlines the importance of a clear foundational culture, how to establish it and cultivate long term strength and resilience, and how to work with the various behavioral styles present in any team.
  7. “Bench your Ego”
    A program focused on introspection that can make anyone more effective as a leader, contributor or simply a human being. What drives how we see situations, others, the world? What does this mean for how we leverage our personal strengths? How do we self-manage effectively for less stress and more “flow”?
  8. Managing Up
    Managing up is a reverse-order form of management that can save hours of time and keep you current, complete, and clear without having to “manage down” all day long. Why? It saves time!
  9. Reviews Made Simple
    A very practical and easy-to-use model: drive all players to responsible communication–current, complete, and clear. Simple model for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual company review and superior model for quarterly coaching/continuous improvement 1-1 sessions that empower and reduce unnecessary turnover.
  10. Outsourcing the HR Department
    A cost-effective way to break down the very complicated H.R. function into Recruitment, Onboarding, Training and Development, and Compliance (ROTC) into bite-sized, manageable solutions with multiple specialists and best practice tools in each area.

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