Top 10 Small Business Tools

Proven Best Practice Tools for Entrepreneurial Minded Leaders

“Test Drive” one of these tools with a 30-day trial run:

  1. Stop Program
    The Stop Program is the initial step toward creating the time and space for innovation/continuous improvement and to implement programs 2-10.
    ­ Why: The number one problem we see, “no time/no space”, is universal, especially with growth-oriented companies and leaders. Not having the time or space destroys innovation and change. It is mandatory you have this program.
  2. Business Culture put into a Game Plan format
    We research and define your culture right, then put it into a practical game plan format for you to use in Finding, Focusing and Supporting the leaders and role players you need to be successful in today’s market.
    Why: Culture forms the foundation of any business or, for that matter, life. It is a major misstep to develop other best practice programs before the right foundation is in place.
  3. 365 Wheel of Continuous Improvement
    Measured weekly, the 365 Wheel of continuous improvement is a process-oriented program that develops continuous improvement into a habit. Research tells us two thirds of your staff needs a structured program in order for continuous improvement to become a habit
    Why: Change or die
  4. Culture Based Recruiting and Retention
    This program is modeled after the best recruiting programs in the world – The Sports Team Model that capitalizes on your unique culture. It makes recruiting an on-going process, allowing you to consistently evaluate existing players and build a 5-star inside/outside leadership team as well as right role players.
    Why: To eliminate your number one H.R. cost – Keeping 4,5,6 employees because you cannot find 8,9 and 10’s that fit your culture. Where are you going without the leadership team and role players you need?
  5. Culture Based Selling
    Any 5* sales program needs three key components. This sales program has all 3 and is built on your unique culture with strong marketing support to address the number one problem businesses face – finding ideal new clients.
    Why: Without a new business development program your business future is at risk. Without the other two components (superior customer responsiveness and need based relationship selling), new business development results will not be supported right.
  6. DISC – 8 Proven Applications
    DISC is a worldwide best practice tool we have used for over 25 years and from hands-on experience have developed 8 applications that can address communication, sales/customer service. leadership and other challenges you face.
  7. Managing Up
    Managing up is reverse-order form of management that can save you hours of time and keep you current, complete and clear without having to “manage down” all day long.
    Why: It saves time
  8. Reviews Made Simple
    A very simple and easy to use model to assist everyone in the firm at becoming responsible for keeping communication current, complete and clear.
  9. Culture Based Leadership
    A self driven program for beginners, intermediate, or advanced leaders with the goal of developing more competent conscious leaders. It is leader driven, allows for everyone to learn and use their natural leadership style and work it at their own pace
  10. A Cost-Effective Outsourced H.R. Department
    We bring you a cost-effective way to break down the very complicated H.R. subject into Recruitment, Onboarding, Training and Development, and Compliance (ROTC) into bite sized, manageable solutions with multiple specialist and best practice tools in each area