28 Testimonials

28. “DiSC is an essential tool for becoming a more effective leader. It helped me better understand others, enhance communication and build stronger relationships.” Jim G, VP of Finance 3/23/17

27. “Using DISC to know their behavioral traits and communication style, has helped me to have more effective interaction and an added sensitivity with, and for, the folks I collaborate with throughout a given day.” Ken A, Sr. Engineer 3/20/17

26. “John really connected the dots and showed my team the value that DISC has to offer. He armed us with the tools to be stronger communicators with our own clients.” Kurt C, Design Manager 3/15/17

25. “The DISC behavioral tool helps one understand how people behave, what motivates them and how they interact with others. By utilizing and understanding the DISC one develops better relationships.” Debra M, 3/13/17

24. “I loved experiencing the feedback on DISC not only to understand myself better, but also to help me understand how others are different than me and how I can adjust how I handle different people/situations depending on their style as well! I also use DISC to notice where I might need to “tone down” a particular strength that might be actually coming on too strong for different personality types. Thank you John and Darlene Ruh!” Tracy L, 3/13/17

23. “I learned DISC in the eighties. Since then, it has played some role in every single relationship I have developed, mostly around motivational cues.” Paul M, Marketing Consultant 3/10/17

22. “The DISC Analysis is a tool our company uses to communicate with employees during their monthly One on One meetings with their Manager. It also provides us with beneficial information on whether an employee is “On the right seat of the Bus”.” Debbie W, HR Manager 3/9/17

21. “After having our employees and managers complete DISC, ownership was better able to put people in a position to succeed by giving them the tools to best suit their skill set.” Brett K, President 3/8/17

20. “I have now used the DISC tool within two different organizations with amazing results. In both cases we were able to greatly improve communication, management and performance at all levels by understanding how each team member processed information and requests. It also allowed us to launch new initiatives and drive cultural change more effectively as we could position the message appropriately. Excellent tool that can be used at all levels and in the hiring process.” Glenn G, VP 3/7/17

19. “DISC is a great tool to help you understand, not only your own communication and behavioral style, but that of others as well. A fundamental knowledge of DISC will help you build and maintain strong, long-term relationships.” Andy R, Business Consultant 3/6/17

18. “DISC was critical in tailoring my management style to promote the highest level of engagement and success from team members.” Jim C, Business Manager 3/6/17

17. “We have an organization that is running fast with multiple initiatives, diverse resources and, aggressive business goals. DISC has allowed my team to significantly improve our communication in order to move our business forward. I’d strongly recommend this tool to any business leader that is looking to improve their team dynamics.” Tony C, GM 3/6/17

16. “DISC opened my eyes to the differences in my employees and the need to treat each one individually.” David G, President 3/6/17

15. “Our sales team uses the DISC behavior tool to better understand what motivates potential clients to partner with us. Our leadership team also benefits from DISC to better relate with their team members and each other.” Jeff B, President 3/6/17

14. “I think we can all agree that communication is critical at any organization. The difference between communicating effectively and ineffectively could be the difference between succeeding or failing. Would you mitigate the “communication breakdown variable” if you had the chance?? Well, you do! It’s called DISC.” Jeremy H, Exec VP, Sales and Fulfillment 3/6/17

13. “DISC is a tool that every organization must have in their toolbox. It provides an easy way to discuss behaviors and understand ourselves and others. If done well, it gives us a powerful advantage in dealing with real client situations and improving internal teamwork.” Todd G, CEO 3/6/17

12. “Disc has improved my knowledge of not only my own required communication style but how better to identify the needs of those I have to communicate with. It has provided leveling to the communication field!” Kim H., Plant Manager 3/3/17

11. “When communicating with your internal or external customers, you must speak the language they understand. Personality types are like languages, and an accurate DISC profile provides the translation tools allowing you to maximize the impact of your message.” Slawomir K, Business Unit Manager 3/3/17

10. “DISC has been a powerful tool to help me identify the best tools to manage others’ expectations.” Jackie C., Business Owner/PR Marketing firm 3/3/17

9. “Early on when we rolled out DiSC® to the Sales Department, your ‘Sales Closing Tips’ were extremely helpful in our DiSC sales program. First, we educated them on what the DiSC concepts are. Then, we taught them how to read and recognize the profile of the customer on the phone. The important piece was for the AE’s to adapt their style and sales approach to the potential customer on the phone. This last piece is critical, because at the end of the day adapting the sales and closing, based on the profile, is what greatly impacts sales and results.”
Lara F., training director for an insurance company’

8. “I have found the DISC tool to be invaluable in providing managers with insight into their leadership styles. I use it with all my leadership teams and in executive coaching engagements.”
Catherine P., owner of a diversity training company

7. “By using the DISC Profile, we have discovered an objective way to understand how different candidates are ‘wired,’ for lack of a better word. This helps us match the specific individual’s strengths with the tasks of the job as well as helps us maintain their compatibility with our corporate culture. That has significantly helped reduce turnover.”
Barry W., owner of a national motorcycle accessory manufacturer

6. “In 2005, after a thorough process including DISC and other assessments, I hired a controller, Bob, for my $12-million-annual-revenue manufacturing business. Despite early evidence that the staffing decision was not a fit, I suffered with it for two years, determined to make it work. In 2007, I made the long-overdue decision to go back to the drawing board. After another thorough process, this time with John’s help, a hire was made. A new controller, Mark, was put in place to run our now $20-million-annual-revenue business. After a month, I was convinced I had made another mistake, and this time was determined not to suffer with it for two years but rather take immediate action. I called John and said, ‘…talk me off the ledge. I’m afraid I’ve made another mistake, but I don’t want to overreact based on my traumatic experience with Bob, stubbornly sticking with a bad fit for two years.’ John did talk me off the ledge, he reinforced and provided insights to Mark’s personal style and what I needed to do to help him through the on-boarding process. John predicted, ‘…if you hang in there, Mark will do great things for you….’ John was correct. Today in 2010, Mark remains a perfect fit, as controller and key contributor to our now $38-million-annual-revenue business. Without John’s insight, I would likely have compounded my first staffing error with a second one. “
Ray P., CEO of a manufacturing company

5. “DISC has been very helpful to me in understanding myself and others better as well as how to better communicate with people. I know to be more patient, read people and then communicate in a way with which they will be comfortable. It has helped me both in business as well as in my personal relationships. John is a great interpreter of an individual’s communication style, and he knows how to coach to make everyone more effective.”
Jim Waszak, Dynamic Sales Innovations, Inc.

4. “I use the DISC in two ways.

1) When selling to future clients, I ask some upfront questions to the decision maker, or a sales influencer regarding the decision maker, to get ideas on what type of personality they have regarding the DISC. Then, I speak to that person the way they would like to be spoken to.

2) Since 1998, I have been ‘The Wrap Up Speaker’ at DeVry in a required class for seniors called ‘Career Development.’ In this 1-1/2 hour speech, the objective is to:

1) Understand What You Want from Your Career.

2) Understand What a Company Wants When Hiring an Employee.

I discuss finding a career that fits your personality, and then I discuss the DISC in detail.”
Lou C., vice president business development, ARS Technology, Inc.

3. “Understanding DiSC behavioral profiles has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional relationships. It’s taught me how to be less judgmental and more tolerant of different behavioral styles. It’s also a great team-building tool!”
Debbie R., owner of a business consulting firm

2. “Using DISC makes recruiting easier and more effective from beginning to end. In writing a recruitment description, you can gear it for finding a ‘D’ who responds to a challenge or for finding an ‘S’ who will respond to a secure position featuring long-term employment. In doing an interview, once you understand a candidate’s profile, you can use the words that will make them feel safe and comfortable enough to tell you all you need to know. And, once you hire someone, their profile will make it easier for their manager to work with them and give them the support they need to be an ‘8, 9, or 10′ employee. DISC isn’t exactly magic, but it’s close.”
Scott U., owner of a recruiting/employee alignment firm

1. “Using the DiSC has helped in many ways in my business as a recruiter. It helps me understand differences in such a ‘user-friendly’ way that my ability to assess clients’ needs is so accurate that I work much more effectively and efficiently when hiring for them. It also is wonderful information to apply when interviewing candidates. The DiSC is consistent in helping me to determine their wants and needs and to clarify their skill set. It has certainly helped me to be more successful in putting the ‘right people in the right position with the right company.'”
Pam Anderson, Anderson Enterprises