Why Culture?

Like most, you and your team/company are in continuous pursuit of success and satisfaction. Our attention is routinely directed toward strategy, the market, or ourselves and the people around us in order to reach that success. However, many (if not most), struggle to consistently achieve that goal. Yet some individuals and teams/companies, in similar situations, consistently do find success. Why?


Culture is not an initiative. Culture is the enabler of all initiatives. – Larry Senn


Our experience tells us that successful individuals, teams/companies have a deeply thought-out culture and “Game Plan”. For most, culture is an abstract concept, often discussed but rarely understood. We solve this problem by putting culture into simple practical concepts and words you can understand. We then craft it into a usable format (your “Game Plan”). In doing this, culture becomes your foundation and any/all decisions can be made by asking the simple question, “How does this person, structure or tool fit in my/our culture/Game Plan?”.

As John Ruh likes to say:

“Culture is the foundation of business and life” – John Ruh


Why Culture?For that reason, we often start with the question, “Describe your Culture”. We must understand you, and your culture, before assessing your programs. It’s critical that all new programs must fit nicely into your Culture/Game Plan (including a sound strategy, structure and support system) and be easily implemented by your team.

When you are ready to ask the question, “Why Culture?”, John M. Ruh and Associates is ready to partner with you to discover the answer.

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