2024 DISC Rewards Program

The 2024 DISC Rewards Program is a No Obligation/No Risk/No Contract Program

Upon registration for DISC Rewards, each Company Receives One Free DISC Leadership or Sales/Customer Service Profile!

You will receive these 3 Complimentary Benefits:

  1. A no-charge DISC profile for you to understand your own natural behavioral style and how others perceive you (one per company) along with a 15-minute one-on-one coaching session to better use this knowledge!
  2. An easy-to-use chart compiling all DISC profiles for your team, enabling better communication and collaboration!
  3. A Free DISC profile ($80 value) for every 10 profiles purchased.

You will also receive:

  1. Volume-based discounting: DISC Profiles – $80/each.
    – Purchase 5 DISC Profiles at $76/each.
    – Purchase 10 Profiles + One Free One = 11 at $65/each.
  2. Access to 10 DISC Applications (listed below).
  3. Monthly workshop on any of the 10 Applications customized to your culture.
    – 25% discount ($60/each) on profiles for the workshop

10 DISC Applications:

  1. DISC Identification
  2. DISC and Sales or Customer Service
  3. Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style
  4. DISC and Culture
  5. DISC and Stress
  6. DISC and Listening
  7. DISC and Interviewing
  8. DISC and Change or Continuous Improvement
  9. Dealing With Difficult People
  10. DISC and Ego

Sign up by calling Darlene at 773-775-6636 or email her for your free introductory offer!