The John M. Ruh and Associates 10 Step Leadership Program

What is it?
A company 10 Step program for all levels of leadership to becoming a competent conscious leader. This self-driven leadership development program is for beginners and intermediates to highly advanced leaders with proven processes, models and support. This program is built on the premise that continuous improvement starts with you and needs to become a habit like brushing your teeth.

What problems does it solve?
To name just three:

  1. Better Understanding, Acceptance and Support of oneself, and of others as well.
  2. Clarification of what it means to be a leader vs a manager.
  3. Identifying your natural leadership style and making it work for you instead of trying to be someone you are not.

Key Benefit
A far greater degree of success and satisfaction in life

How does it work?
You determine the pace and together we go through the 10 Steps to becoming a competent conscious leader and create your continuous improvement plan.

Limitations of this program:
To receive its benefits, you must be committed to the program and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get results. It is a program for players not spectators. It is a process not a destination.

While it may be purchased separately, this 10-step process to become a competent conscious leader can be included as part of your company program.

Your next step:
Call or email John Ruh at / 773-641-9631 for a one time complementary session. Or take a free behavioral profile to learn how behavior impacts your natural leadership style (one per company).