10 DISC Applications

DISC LogoWe came up with 10 DISC Applications on how to use the Internationally trusted DISC Behavioral tool (published in 30 languages).

Introductory offer: One free DISC profile on yourself and someone you find “difficult” to work with and recommendations on how to improve communication challenges with them.

1. DISC Identification

  • Application: Learning how to identify different styles and adapt your approach to increase your communication effectiveness
  • Challenges it Solves:
    • How to communicate with difficult people
    • Choosing language to properly support/empower people
    • Understanding your natural communication style and its impact on others
  • Key Benefits:
    • Learning two questions to ask yourself and 4 step model to follow over time can change your relationships
    • Adapting to people in differing situations to improve relationships and outcomes

2. DISC and Sales and/or DISC and Customer Service

  • Application: How to understand your customer’s DISC buying styles and how to adapt your DISC style to meet your customer’s needs.
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • How to effectively convince/persuade the various DISC styles
    • Communicating and selling in your preferred vs the clients preferred style
    • Stress created by not understanding and accepting all styles/cultures
  • Key Benefits: Learn how to use the situationally appropriate language and approach to closes to decrease tension and increase closes and customer satisfaction

3. Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style

  • Application: For new and existing managers to learn what leadership is all about and it touches on how all leaders must learn to bench their ego
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Understanding how others really see your natural leadership style
    • Know how to support/empower all behavior styles
    • How to build teamwork using people’s individual strengths
  • Key Benefits: Move from being a manager to a leader who truly supports and empowers people. Learning proven words to use to increase your leadership effectiveness

4. DISC & Culture and/or DISC and Global Stats

  • Application: Common DISC profiles in various global regions; how regional cultures are impacted by DISC
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Improved understanding and sensitivity to global cultural differences
    • Culture-appropriate communications
  • Key Benefits:
    • Enhanced effectiveness of global teams; efficient communication
    • Improved sales impact for global marketing organizations

5. DISC and Stress

  • Application: How a person’s natural DISC style is a map for stress triggers and improved understanding of DISC can defuse stressful situations
  • Challenges It Solves: Providing better personal understanding of the situations and people that create stress and how your reactions to them actually increase your stress level
  • Key Benefits: Your stress can drop like a rock when you recognize stress patterns and triggers and take responsibility for creating it

6. DISC and Listening

  • Application: How to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each profiles listening style.
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Not understanding how each style listens
    • Speaking to them in a way that does not work
    • Giving instructions incorrectly
    • Missed messages
  • Key Benefits:
    • You will stop expecting people to listen in a way they are not capable of. And you will stop labeling people good or bad listeners
    • Prepare messages and written communication that fits their style

7. DISC and Interviewing

  • Application: Using DISC to anticipate fit within teams and what non-verbal messages are being communicated
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Not having a proven process to use to interview
    • Not understanding behavioral strengths and weaknesses or what naturally people well
  • Key Benefits:
    • A 5-step proven interviewing model and how to see “hard wired traits” and decide if that fits what you need
    • Improved success in hiring

8. DISC and Change or DISC and Continuous Improvement

  • Application: How different personal styles react to change situations and how to make change work for your organization
  • Challenges It Solves: Facilitating effective change and improvement programs by communicating effective directives based upon various styles’ propensity to receive these programs
  • Key Benefits:
    • A proven way to implement change based on your DISC population
    • Less confusion, resistance and dissatisfaction with needed change initiatives; more effective improvement outcomes

9. Dealing with Difficult People

  • Application: DISC reveals how people prefer to communicate and how a person responds.
  • Challenges it Solves:
    • Seeing who pushes your buttons and what you can do about it.
    • Stop blaming and start changing your approach.
  • Key Benefits: Secure the strategic partnership you need with people.

10. DISC and Ego

  • Application: Understanding the nature of the Ego–which colors the way individuals perceive and respond to situations and other people. The DISC profile has a clear connection to one’s Ego and is a powerful means of understanding oneself and how to relate to others.
  • Challenges it Solves: The need for raising personal awareness and recognizing and modulating situational behavioral responses; in dealing with stressful environments.
  • Key Benefits: Improving communication and self-management, as well as improved stress mitigation and interpersonal skills.

Onsite DISC Activities

Difficult People Workshop

  • Application: Can be with improv actors to make it Entertaining and Educational!
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Clearly seeing who pushes your buttons and what you can do about it
    • Stop blaming and start changing your approach
  • Key Benefits: A highly fun interactive workshop with or without “improv” actors

DISC Lottery Game

  • Application: A fun internal company “lottery game” that uses real company/client scenarios to train people on how to identify DISC profiles
  • Challenges It Solves:
    • Can decrease the complaining about customers and coworkers and start the process of one changing his/her approach
    • Non-threatening way to get participation
  • Key Benefits:
    • Safe fun way to encourage all people to participate and win prizes (can be small fun things)
    • It works