The John M. Ruh and Associates Culture-Based Leadership Program

What is it?
A self-driven, leadership development program with proven processes, models and support for beginners, intermediates and highly advanced leaders. This program is built on the premise that continuous improvement starts with you and needs to become a habit like brushing your teeth.

Who is it for?
People who hold themselves as leaders.

What Problems Does It Solve?

  • It supports you at creating the right belief system, the right context and the right habits to foster success and satisfaction in your business and personal life.
  • It eliminates the repetitive mistakes and cycles that happen when you don’t fully understand and acknowledge your true potential. We call this: Success-Sabotage.

 What is its vision?

  • To provide enhanced performance through a change in one’s self-image.

What is its mission?

  • To partner with the client at creating the support they truly need.

How does it work?
We conduct an interview to determine where you are on our leadership scale. Then we determine your needs and what is possible to achieve.

What Makes This Program Unique?
Most programs only address content issues. This program deals with content AND context issues, helping you manage yourself from the inside out (what we call the Phil Jackson Philosophy). Example: If a salesperson believes he/she “could never” make a six-figure income, it is unlikely that he/she ever will. All the content training in the world will not achieve a person’s goals if they lack the context to make it work. 

The Philosophy/Beliefs of This Approach:
People must believe they can achieve before serious achievement occurs. There is a direct relationship between Context of Achievement and level of actual achievement. Without this, failure is almost certain. As a leader, perhaps the most important thing you can do is assist your staff in their own professional and personal growth.

What are its key goals for more advanced leaders?

  • Teaching the individual to see, acknowledge and understand how to understand and bench his/her ego.
  • To develop a strength capitalization to maximize individual strengths and minimize weaknesses.
  • To support people better through a continuous process of introducing them to the right programs, processes, models and people.


  • This is not a band-aid, quick fix approach. It is a program that is process driven and requires time. Once new habits are formed, new skills and improved results can soon follow.

Any side benefits?
For some a transformative, beneficial awareness.

Why Do It?
Because it works. Company and individual results improve when as the leader of your life you develop effective beliefs and habits. Habits create skills, skills create results and results translate into money, benefits and a sense of accomplishment. Individual growth promotes company growth.