Our 5 Step Process in Partnership with You

Our 5 Step Process

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Explaining your culture in simple English to existing and prospective employees?
  • Only working on Continuous Improvement and making changes when you have to?
  • Too many people don’t understand your game, your rules and their role in being successful?

If so let’s partner. We use these 5 steps to:

  1. Understand you and your culture.
    We define your culture as your vision, mission/purpose and values and we take our time to understand you. We make it a process so we know your past, the present and the future you want for yourself, your division and/or your company.
  2. Put your culture into a practical, written, game plan format.
    That way you and everyone involved in supporting you, can see it clearly. How “your” game is played, their role in it and the code of conduct that is expected of everyone.
  3. Put a Continuous Improvement Program in place that makes C.I. a habit like brushing your teeth
    Read: www.johnruh.com/brushing-your-teeth/
  4. Figure out what support is truly needed.
    This includes the right programs, processes and people including an inside/outside leadership team.
  5. Make a habit of stopping, reviewing, redesigning and supporting your game plan right as a key part of your Continuous Improvement Program.