Defining Culture Right

Defining Company Culture

“Corporate Culture doesn’t happen by accident, and if it does, you’re taking a risk” — Monique Winston, Chief Resource & Development Officer – Minority Business Accelerator & President- MWINS Consulting

Many believe that the culture of an organization is “organic”, that it occurs based simply on the personality of leadership, the behaviors and attitudes of the staff, or the type of industry or focus of the organization. While each of those elements certainly contribute to, and effect it, culture should not be left to happenstance or simple evolution.

John M. Ruh and Associates can support you in understanding and defining what you want your culture to be in a written practical game plan format.

Our approach is pragmatic, simple, and effective. We can partner with you to:

  • Evaluate and work with you to create a unique empowering culture to support your future direction
  • Guide you through our proven “3 Step Process”:

Culture defined right/put into game plan format >> Establish continuous improvement process >> Put in place the right People, Structure and Tools

To learn more about our about how we “Define Culture Right” and the tools and approaches that we have employed with clients around the globe, please read any of our over 100 testimonials that demonstrate the proven impact of our work.

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