7 Promises

The Seven Promises We Make:

  1. We are mission oriented and focus on what you and your organization truly need.
  2. We operate as if our name is on your door. This means we take ownership, responsibility and pride in our work.
  3. Results focus: We are relentless yet compassionate in our pursuit of the outcome. And, we tie everything we do into your culture (your vision, goals, mission and values)
  4. We provide tools (programs, processes and models) that work. And, we have the results and the references to prove it.
  5. We will help you build a five-star inside/outside leadership team.
  6. You must be 100% satisfied or your investment is returned.
  7. You can end our contract if, at any point, you are not satisfied.

Key Facts About Us

John Ruh and his associates bring years of business experience to the table. This includes establishing, growing, managing and selling businesses along with expertise in sales, training, personal development and recruiting.

  • Our Vision: Being the most valued member of your leadership team
  • Our Mission: Partnering to create the Right People, Right Structure, and Right Tools
  • Our Purpose: Transforming people and cultures


What kind of “challenges” does your company handle?

We handle a wide variety of challenges. This includes but is not limited to anything regarding the recruiting, focusing and supporting of your key people, and presenting new programs or processes that improve sales, productivity, communication and morale.

What kind of “long-term solutions” do you provide?

Every process or program we design is meant for the long term whether it is introducing new methods of solid communication or new ways to improve sales. For example, if you have a problem in sales, rather than provide you with a new customer for a short-term fix, we will introduce you to a new sales plan that keeps your sales efforts effective for years to come.

What size companies do you deal with?

We work with anyone from emerging, entrepreneurial companies to established, privately held companies. The common denominator? Our clients want help in putting in place the right programs, processes and people (the 3 P’s) that keep their vision and goals alive and well.