Five Hidden Best Practice Programs Any Company Needs

What do we mean by hidden?
These are programs often not understood or acknowledged by leaders and/or employees.

Our Top 5:

  1. A Stop Program
    A Stop, or if you prefer a “Pause Program” is imperative to Best Practices needed to create time and space for programs 2-5 to develop. It can support you at implementing the Best Practice programs you truly need.
    Why: The number one problem we see, “no time/no space”, is universal, especially with growth-oriented companies and leaders. Not having the time or space destroys innovation and change. It is mandatory you have this program. (
  2. Your Corporate Culture Defined and put into a practical game plan format.
    Why: Culture forms the foundation of any business or, for that matter, life. It can be a major misstep to develop other best practice programs before the right foundation is in place. (
  3. A Companywide Continuous Improvement Program that makes change a daily habit (like brushing one’s teeth).
    Why: Change or die (
  4. Culture Based Recruiting and Retention
    A program modeled after the best recruiting programs in the world – The Sports Team Model. It makes recruiting an on-going process, and you can always be evaluating existing players and building a 5 star leadership team as well as right role players.
    Why: To eliminate your number one expense item – Keeping employees whose cost exceeds their value and just as importantly, to have a program that finds individuals who fit your culture. Where are you going without the leadership you need?
  5. A Three-Pronged Sales Program with a very strong New Business Component.
    Why: Without a new business development program your business future is at risk. Without the other two components (superior customer responsiveness and need based relationship selling), new business development results will not be supported right.