Leadership Development Workshops


Our leadership workshops are designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced leaders who desire to understand and improve both interpersonal and professional development. We offer a wide range of programs and custom workshops are also offered for larger group commitments.

Focus areas of the workshops include:

  • What is leadership? What is management? What is the difference
  • Understanding one’s natural leadership style and how to apply it effectively
  • Working with and improving engagement with difficult people- how to communicate and understand them
  • What exactly is continuous improvement? Why should it be a focus? How do you get everyone on board with it?
  • Defining culture and why it is the foundation of life and work
  • How do you “interview like a pro” and assess people properly?
  • What do leading experts have to say about leadership, mission, and entrepreneurship?
  • Women Empowering Women Development Program

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    Workshop Topics

    Take advantage of our FREE offers by emailing john@johnruh.com or calling 773-641-9631

    • One free introductory workshop (60 minutes) is available for some of the workshops
    • One free DISC profile per company
    • Free culture assessment

     Leadership Workshops

    Introduction to Leadership

    • Do you hold yourself as a Leader?
    • What is leadership? What is managing?
    • See and experience how your behavioral tendencies impact your natural leadership style

    Intermediate leadership and your path to advanced leadership

    • “Track 1 and Track 2” Development for intermediate leaders
    • How to support and empower those people you truly need to achieve your goals
    • Introduction to Advanced Conscious Leadership – What is it and how it works

    Advanced Conscious Leadership

    • The foundation of life and work: defining culture the right way
    • “Benching your Ego”: Understanding, accepting and supporting your operating Ego
    • Advanced ideas and models from key scholars: Frankl, Maltz, Dr. Hal Stone and more

    Video Leadership Series

    • Over 36 different 30-60 minute videos of highly recognized leaders like Jack Welch, Geoffrey Canada, Jim Collins, Marcus Buckingham, Patrick Lencioni and more
    • Facilitated Lunch and learn series that can be done in 75-90 minutes

    DISC Workshops

    Dealing with Difficult People

    • Learn to identify all behavioral types
    • Understand how your behavior impacts others
    • Start the process of having effective and crucial conversations

    Note: One free leadership profile done per company by calling Darlene at 773-775-6636 or email at Darlene@JohnRuh.com.

    DISC and Sales

    • Learn proven closes and words to use with each DISC profile
    • Learn about Kurland’s touch system (How many touches each style needs to close)
    • Learn how our buying patterns can negatively impact our closing ability

    Disc and Leadership

    • Learn about your natural leadership style
    • Learn how to support/empower those styles you find most difficult
    • Handout with proven tips on how to be a better leader using your natural style

    Recruiting Workshops

    5 Steps to Interviewing Right

    • Learn a powerful interviewing model
    • Receive a sample recruitment description model to use for all positions
    • Learn how to recruit like a pro

    Recruiting Like a Pro

    • What is the recruiting model all sports teams use and why?
    • How recruiting like a pro can eliminate your number one cost problem “Keeping people who cost exceeds value”
    • The what, why and how to set up a program like this for any firm small to large

    Company Culture Workshops

    Creating a Powerful User-Friendly Game Plan

    • How to put your company culture into a practical game plan format
    • How to use your game plan in Finding, Focusing and supporting those players you need to win
    • Practical tips to use annually, quarterly and monthly to keep your plan alive and well

    What is Company Culture and how to define it right

    • A basic explanation of company culture
    • Discussion of why it is important
    • How to define your company culture the right way

    Note: Call/email John at 773-775-6636 / john@johnruh.com for a free copy of booklet “Why Bother with Culture”

    Continuous Improvement Workshops

    Introduction to Continuous Improvement

    • What is continuous improvement and why bother with it?
    • How to make continuous improvement a habit like brushing your teeth
    • Measurements – How to measure it and make CI a department and/or company habit

    Starting Your Stop Program

    • What is a Stop Program?
    • Why it is absolutely needed for growth and advancement
    • How your stop program can support your continuous improvement program and make it a daily habit