Now What III?

 John Ruh  Business Planning, Leadership, Professional Development

Speaking Leader to LeaderThird in a series of suggested responses to the Coronavirus situation.

As leaders, it is essential we live in the question, “now what?” and, most importantly, make wise choices based on our individual circumstances.

June Entrepreneurial Ideas

  1. Thomas Jefferson piece on Power of Vision, Declaration, and Right Context
  2. Weekly blogs on The Power of Vision with opportunity for 1-1 and/or team discussion per phone or zoom:
    Vision, Context, Commitment, Responsibility (VCCR)
    5 Steps for any Vision
    Vision, Morale, and Productivity
    Who is the leader of your life?
  3. Three potential Zoom events (at a time that works for you)
    • Opportunity Selling to your coming market• Stress Management featuring 5 Star Best Practice Tool and insights from 3 scholars for lasting results
    • Thomas Jefferson – The Power of Vision, Declaration, and Right Context

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