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5 Easy Steps to Establishing and Pursuing Your Vision

 John Ruh  Business Culture, Vision


I was influenced by the power of vision at age 16. Around the age of 19 I really become obsessed with this subject and success in general. I read, researched and studied companies like Disney. I also read numerous books by highly successful people to better understand their secrets. I was fortunate as a young entrepreneur to work with many successful individuals and companies where I could experience what they were doing. This included what we call best practices today. One of the things I realized was that simply making a vision statement increased my chance of hitting my goals and objectives. In the 80’s I came upon the work of Joel Barker and his work on paradigms and vision. In fact, I have shown his DVD called The Power of Vision (my all-time favorite) to many of my clients over the years.

What I discovered was that all successful endeavors seemed to start with a compelling Vision combined with a total commitment to it including taking complete ownership (or responsibility) for it. Later in my career I added a fourth element, context (You can read that piece if you choose. It’s called Vision, Context, Commitment and Responsibility (  What I would like to explain now is how this looks in a step format. Call or email if you are interested in doing a free, one hour, facilitated discussion to discuss this model.

Step 1

Clear, compelling vision. This includes a written vision statement.

Step 2

Right context, commitment, responsibility (Read for clarity on this).

Step 3

Clear strategy to achieving your goals and objectives.

Step 4

Structure that supports 1, 2 and 3.

Step 5

The right support i.e. the right programs, right processes or the right people.

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