Vision, Context, Commitment, Responsibility (VCCR)

 John Ruh   Vision

The 4 Cornerstones of Personal and Professional Success

Like many teeVision, Context, Commitment, Responsibility (VCCR)nagers, I longed for success. In order to achieve that success, I began to study the personal qualities and behavior that separates high achievers from ordinary performers. Later, in my business life I was fortunate to meet and interview many highly successful individuals. I would always ask what they saw as “their secret.” From my studies and interviews I concluded that the key ingredients to exceptional personal performance were vision, commitment and responsibility.


I would like to add a fourth component to this model and call it context/ perspective. This is an inner, proactive attitude towards success that the highly successful have unconsciously and thus take for granted. It is imperative that you have the right belief system, the right context and perspective, in order for the brain to create the messages (or “impulses”) that foster extreme personal performance.

Don’t “Success-Sabotage”

Even if all other factors are in place, if you do not “think” like a successful person, you will not act like one. This negativity is called success-sabotage and most people are not even aware they are doing it. Awareness is the first step to overcoming this bad habit. Step two is the creation of new, positive messages that, over time, build a positive self perception. This strong self image is what highly successful people have naturally and why it seems so easy for them to build one success upon another. In their minds, the right perspective or context is taken for granted.

Our Advanced Leadership Program

Can you relate to this message? If so the question then becomes how to use it to support yourself and your team so your vision and goals are kept alive and well. My answer is developing a structured program that is process-oriented. Over the years I have designed, developed and refined such a program. It is called the Ruh Advanced Leadership Program. This program helps you to keep your goals and vision in focus.

It is important to understand that people are naturally self motivated when they see their personal and professional goals are alive and well. And, when they realize company support is available to help them achieve their dreams, a whole new level of self empowerment is recognized. This context and perspective of success is exactly what you and your company need to achieve your vision and goals.

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