Special Offers

DISC: Proven to Transform Your Organization!

  • Get Started! In order to get familiar with the DISC tool and the common-sense, easy to understand and put into action analysis that is generated, we offer one complete profile at no charge! This is a 15 minute investment of time that can truly be transformative.
  • Impact a small team! We offer a 10% discount for profile purchases for groups of 5 to 25, and more for groups of 25+. This is a surefire, proven method to increase cross-team empathy and understanding, and improve communication and collaboration. Contact us!
  • Ensure ongoing success! Clients that engage us in one of our 10 Disc Application Programs receive a full 20% discount off all DISC profiles executed while programs are active! These programs and this tool have been proven countless times to improve performance in a variety of key areas within every type of organization.

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