12 DISC Applications

We came up with 12 applications on how to use the internationally trusted DISC Behavioral tool (published in 30 languages). Contact us for a complimentary 60 minute overview about how these 12 examples would help your organization thrive.


  1. How to identify different DISC behavioral styles
  2. DISC and sales
  3. DISC and customer service
  4. DISC and quality
  5. DISC & leadership styles
  6. DISC benchmarking (for recruiting)
  7. How to interview using DISC to understand a person’s traits and behavioral style
  8. How to manage and support the various DISC styles
  9. Change:  How to get security/compliance oriented people to see the need for change
  10. Working with Difficult People Workshop
  11. DISC lottery game (fun way to train your staff on DISC)
  12. DISC and Ego (only for advanced leaders)


One Free DISC profile per company ($75.00 value).