Two Burning Issues

 John Ruh  3 Simple Steps for Annual Business Planning

Speaking Leader to LeaderToday’s unique Coronavirus environment has created two burning issues. Let’s focus on these concerns by having meaningful Leader to Leader conversations that support all of us at creating the right solutions given our individual situations.

Burning Issue 1
Managing our personal stress levels wisely to increase our own awareness and support others better. Stress Management.
Why: Stressed out people are not productive.

Burning Issue 2
Understanding opportunity selling and incorporating it into our sales program since traditional relationship and needs based selling is either severely limited or dead. Opportunity Selling.
Why: Our markets dictate we do this.

Why We Suggest this Approach
Structural changes (best practice programs) need to be put in place vs temporary band aid solutions or simply hoping things might return to normal.

Why? Research shows that in order to make lasting changes, a structured program and processes are needed for as much as 70% of the population. These modifications create new habits which produce new skills that, in turn, create the results you want.

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Our Promise: The right support for you…the right person, structure, and best practice tools to transform your life and business.