Stress Management

 John Ruh  DISC, Leadership, Professional Development

Stress ManagementSpeaking Leader to Leader: Confronted with the C virus environment, as leaders we must keep our stress levels in optimum range so we can support others right. If we don’t address our own stress problems, we will be unable to assist others in similar circumstances. The DISC tool mentioned below, and insights from three renowned deep thinkers, (Victor Frankl, Carl Jung and Dr. Hal Stone), can transform a team experiencing a very negative, stressful condition into a more productive, cohesive, higher performing unit.

What: Dealing with Stress Management

Why: Stressed out people are:

  1. Less productive
  2. Disruptive and
  3. Can negatively impact morale

Solution: 5 Star DISC tool and Stress Application

  • Insights/root causes from three well-known experts: Frankl, Stone and Jung.
  • One free DISC profile per company plus an informative 20 minute phone follow up.
  • Done online with instant participant feedback (takes 12-15 minutes).
  • Trainers: We have highly qualified instructors who use effective interactive 1-1 and group training methods that get results. Online Zoom training is available for team members working from home.

Key benefit: Everyone will see how their behavioral profile reacts to stress and what can be done about it.

Action to take now: Call Darlene at 773-775-6636 to receive your one free profile per company, plus instructions on how to profile your team, and reduce stress permanently by understanding oneself better.