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Two Burning Issues

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Today’s unique Coronavirus environment has created two burning issues. Let’s focus on these concerns by having meaningful Leader to Leader conversations that support all of us at creating the right solutions given our individual situations. Burning Issue 1 Managing our personal stress levels wisely to increase our own awareness and support others better. Stress Management…. Read more »

As Leaders, What Strategically Do We Need To Do in November?

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Our answer: Deliver Results and Communication that wows our clients. Survey all stakeholders (employees, key advisers, etc.) to get company feedback on the positives and negatives of this year as well as input for next year. This must be done anonymously (preferably by an outsider – we have two referrals so all your people feel… Read more »

New Year/New Start What is Priority One?

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A key responsibility of leaders is to share next year’s Game Plan to all stakeholders (anyone who has stake in company’s success) and enroll their support for its success NOW….. But how do we do this? Survey all stakeholders (employees, key advisors, etc.) to get company feedback on the accomplishments, failures and challenges of this… Read more »

Important – Last 30 days of This Year + Looking forward into Next Year

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December is usually a very tough month due to fewer working days, the holidays and all the personal things one must do. However, speaking leader-to-leader, here are three things I think we all need to do: Take care of business…all the day-to-day tactical stuff and wow our clients in the here and now. Do a… Read more »

Annual Business Planning – 3 Simple Steps

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3 Simple Steps for Annual Business Planning Leader to Leader By: John Ruh Chicago Business Planning and continuous Improvement. We absolutely/positively must complete 2015 well (take care of business), get our strategic initiatives (continuous improvement projects) completed and design a super game plan (be it individual, departmental, or company) so we can enroll the support… Read more »