The 1% Rule

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Professional Development

Are you dedicating 1.68 hours a week or more to Continuous Improvement?

If not, why not?

What is the 1% Rule?
The 1% RuleIt states that, at a minimum, you should dedicate 1.68 hours, (that’s 101 minutes), per week or 7+ hours per month or 87 hours per year working on Continuous Improvement.

Why Bother?
It is a case of Change or Die. While that may sound dramatic, look around and see what has happened to companies, industries and individuals who have not grown to meet the current market needs. They are gone.

How Do I Make Continuous Improvement a Reality Now?

  1. Understand what NOT to do –do NOT let Continuous Improvement simply become a periodic event or activity you attempt only when there is a crisis.
  2. Make a declaration to start a program for yourself, your department and/or your company.
    1. Establish a 52-week process with a WEEKLY REVIEW system. Have Continuous improvement become a habit like brushing your teeth (see P.S.)
    2. Write down the number one thing that absolutely needs to be improved.
    3. Enroll the support you truly need. (Do NOT go it alone)
    4. Structure time for it now.
  3. Copy what great teams do by focusing on ALL accomplishments, large and small. Learning new habits is like learning to walk. You need time, patience, and the right support. And remember good new habits create skills that produce results

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