The 1% Rule

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The 1% RuleAre you dedicating 1.68 hours a week or more to Continuous Improvement?

If not, why not?

What is the 1% Rule?

It states that at a minimum, you should dedicate 1.68 hours (that’s 101 minutes) per week or 7 hours per month or 87 hours per year to doing continuous improvement. This is for your company, your product or service or you, personally, to have a process that assures you are making continuing improvement a habit or a way of life (to guarantee your on-going success and/or survival).

Why Bother?

It is a case of Change or Die. That may sound dramatic. However, look around and see what has happened to companies, industries and individuals who have not changed to meet the current market needs. They are no longer viable or gone altogether.

How Do I Make It a Reality in My Business and Life Now?

3 Things You Can Do

  1. Start NOW with a program for yourself, your department and/or your company. Include measurement of completions and make it a top priority process with a weekly review system. It must be a 52-week process, not a periodic event, or worse yet, rushed into when a crisis occurs.Here’s a simple process to follow:
    1. Write down ONE thing you believe needs to be improved.
    2. Enroll the support you truly need.
    3. Decide how you want to divide up your 101 minutes of dedication to your ONE thing per week.
  2. Focus. Review successful sports programs initiated by professional sports teams. Acknowledge accomplishments small and large. Reward those habits that will create the skills you want to develop.
  3. Take action! As it was said in Star Wars, there is no “try”, just “do or don’t do” – here is your time to DO!

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