Brushing Your Teeth

 John Ruh   Continuous Improvement

What on earth does brushing your teeth have to do with business?

Brushing Your TeethWhat does it have to do with improving my life (besides improving dental hygiene?)

I don’t have time for this!

Was your ego triggered by the first sentence and did you make any of these statements? If so, read on…

The Point

Of course, all of us (I hope) make time to brush our teeth daily. It is a habit that was instilled in you as a child. You now just do it as part of your daily habit, without thinking about it. It is a constant that improves both health and appearance.


Almost all the professionals I meet are so busy that they neglect themselves and/or their business in some way. They don’t make a habit of identifying and investing (time and attention) in activities that ensure they continue to grow and improve. They are not brushing their teeth. If continuous improvement is not a habit for you or your company, eventually this will show up as “bad hygiene”. Some of the common impacts of a lack of continuous improvement that we see with people or businesses are:

  • Outdated skills or core competency
  • Competitors catching up or bypassing a leadership position
  • Being blindsided by a market disruption
  • Lack of innovation
Need Proof?

Read The Invisible Crisis

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