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Follow the Recipe – 3 Steps to Annual Business Planning

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Not all of us like to cook but we all know that recipes have measurements and directions for a reason! Check out our 3 Steps to Annual Business Planning. We absolutely positively must successfully close the current, get our strategic initiatives/continuous improvement projects done well, and design a rock-solid game plan (be it individual, departmental,… Read more »

Business and Charity

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By John Ruh Does it have to be business or charity? I don’t think so. To the contrary, I believe they belong together. Here’s why. Every one of our businesses was built with a mission-based approach. All of the services we provide share the mission of getting our clients to a better place. Isn’t there… Read more »

Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

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Where can you quickly save money within your organization?   Make sure you “keep the people you can’t afford to lose and lose the people you can’t afford to keep (Scott Urban’s line). This is a “No Brainer”! The best way to drive out high performers is by keeping low performers whose cost far exceeds… Read more »