Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

 John Ruh  Business Culture

Where can you quickly save money within your organization?


  1. Make sure you “keep the people you can’t afford to lose and lose the people you can’t afford to keep (Scott Urban’s line). Pick the Low Hanging FruitThis is a “No Brainer”! The best way to drive out high performers is by keeping low performers whose cost far exceeds their value.
  2. Build an empowering culture that attracts and keeps leaders. Jim Collins calls it, “Getting the right people on the bus.”
  3. Put a game plan in place that is built on continuous improvement. This is necessary to survive and thrive in the coming market. As I like to say…. We have no choice…CI must lead the way.


Ask yourself …


Why am I not doing anything about “picking this low hanging fruit”?


If you don’t know how to build an empowering culture and/or you aren’t sure how to find people who can do better than the ones you have, call us today and ask about our proven best practice programs or read about them here: Best Practices Tools.