As Leaders, What Strategically Do We Need To Do in November?

 John Ruh  3 Simple Steps for Annual Business Planning, Business Planning

Our answer:

  1. Deliver Results and Communication that wows our clients.
  2. Survey all stakeholders (employees, key advisers, etc.) to get company feedback on the positives and negatives of this year as well as input for next year.
    1. This must be done anonymously (preferably by an outsider – we have two referrals so all your people feel comfortable participating). You must make it very safe. (Suggested referral: Debbie Rust
    2. If you have fewer than 12 employees you plan to survey/interview or are self-employed, reach out to Tracy Laverty (312-922-2259 or and ask her to do phone or face-to-face interviews.
    3. It is important to do this now to allow time to process the results and create your goals for next year and game plan in December.
  3. Celebrate Thanks-For-Giving Month
    Say thank you to everyone who brought you to where you are right now.

    1. Call or email for ideas that are appreciated, and cost nothing other than your time.
    2. If you want a fun team building experience to show thanks to your team and help them grow, reach out to Matt Elwell, former president of ComedySportz. Matt has 15 years blending improv and learning and we highly recommend him. You can reach him at 773-865-4829 or

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