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Are you Chasing Your Tail?

 John Ruh   Professional Development

Are You Chasing Your Tail?

By: John Ruh

Chicago Business Consultant John Ruh partners with growth oriented leaders and companies creating support they need to achieve success. This article talks about the professional development of yourself and how to best eliminate decisions based off your Ego and continuously improve yourself and your business.

Your Ego Is:

  • Your self-esteem or in philosophical terms, one’s self.   How you answer the question I am _____

All Egos Are:

  • Unconscious, greedy and the source of your suffering;

Once you understand and accept the above two concepts you can start on a path to better support yourself and eliminate any unnecessary suffering your ego is causing you.

Think of it.

You came into this world with little or no ego; you had only presence, awareness and consciousness.  And, while a highly skilled ego is useful and needed to live in the world, without consciousness and awareness to guide it, it will always be in a state of dissatisfaction. It will always want more results, relationships, security, order, etc.  Being greedy, it can run amuck and sabotage the results you want to achieve.  It can also cause you untold suffering that no amount of drugs, alcohol, food or religion can fix.  There is no escape. That is the reality of an unchecked ego.

An example

Bob sees himself as a team player and he is always cooperative.  He is quiet, steady, organized, always comes prepared and is there for anyone who needs his help.  His ego can’t say no to anyone. This, at times, creates a tremendous amount of stress.  He suffers silently and feels like a victim.  He feels he has no choice.  All he has is an unaware ego.

Your ego can include many problems. They include:

  • A feeling of disconnection from what you’re trying to achieve
  • Difficulties with your relationships, including a lack of candor
  • A constant, nagging sense of dissatisfaction and a negative view of your situation

How do you support your ego?

You need to learn to separate from your ego.  This concept can be very difficult to understand and even more difficult to practice.  You must first see that you are not your ego (until you do this, you will be stuck).  I call refusal to do this chasing your tail.  It can have you so busy running around in circles that you sabotage your success and satisfaction in life.

If you’re interested in separating from your ego, please take this next step now. 

Ask for one free, individual leadership session to discuss your ego and how it affects where you are, where you want to go and what support you truly need. Call 773-775-6636 or email:

This session will include:

  • An overview on how the ego really works
  • Some basic exercises establishing awareness and improving your focus on the forces that impact your perception
  • An outline on developing the support you need to reach your desired state/goals/mission/vision

Additional Support

You may find the following useful:

  • Phil Jackson’s book, 11 Rings. This is our 2013 leadership book of the year. It discusses ego extensively.  Call/email for our informational summary of 11 Rings and/or a free seminar on the topic with your team.
  • Hal and Sidra Stone’s aware ego concept (
  • Read Ego Leadership Training (
  • Read Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth.  A very in-depth look at all aspects of the ego.

Free Offer:

One free, individual leadership session to discuss your ego and how it affects where you are, where you want to go and what support you truly need Call 773-775-6636 or send us an email.