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Are You Chasing Your Tail?

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Every one of us perceives ourselves and our place in life through a set of “prescription glasses” that may or may not give a clear sense of reality. Those glasses are our Ego… Your Ego Is: One’s self-perception/image, or in philosophical terms, one’s “self.” It’s often how you answer the question “I am _____”. How… Read more »

Does My Business Have a Strategy?

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There are a lot of business owners who think that they have clear idea of where they want to take their business. As the leader of an organization, it is your responsibility and burden to use the leadership tools available to develop a vision for the future. But simply knowing what you want your business… Read more »

Would You Spend 93,600 Hours Doing Something You Did Not Enjoy?

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“Of course not!” you say. Yet most of us will devote at least that much of our lifetime to our profession. That means for 11,700 days or over 46 years, many people work at jobs that are filled with feelings of discouragement, exhaustion and stagnation. This problem is universal. It can happen to you whether… Read more »

Chicago Business Planning

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It’s time to start thinking about your business plan for next year. You might be thinking that it’s too early to start planning for the following year, but you would be remiss if you waited too long. The following are some things you can proactively do to prepare and improve your Chicago Business for the… Read more »

How to Deal with Underperforming Employees

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Employees are human beings, and as such, they are anything but static. Though we would like to think that after we have selected and hired the candidate with the greatest talent, skills, and value, they may not always perform to the best of their abilities. Humans are dynamic and complex by nature, and work stress,… Read more »