Are Circumstances Running Your Life?

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Professional Development

  • “I have no time”
  • “I have no time for me”
  • “My circumstance don’t allow me to take care of myself”

Sound Familiar?
We all have circumstances that we must deal with; however, highly successful responsible leaders accept/own them, and move to “now what” faster than most thereby learning how to support themselves, their team or company appropriately.

It is critically important to make ourselves our number one continuous improvement project, so our culture, not our circumstances, are running our lives.

Solutions to Consider

  1. It may be a hard pill to swallow; however, it is important to acknowledge this as a personal challenge/problem regardless of the difficulty of the situation. Self-victimization will only increase your stress and can lead to feelings of discouragement and despair. Please read this:
  2. Put in place for yourself/team or company: The 1% Rule
  3. Make your decision to live a culture-based life for yourself, your team or company. Read our 3 step process for yourself/team/company at: (

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