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Would You Spend 93,600 Hours Doing Something You Did Not Enjoy?

 John Ruh  93600 Hours are spent working in life

“Of course not!” you say.

Yet most of us will devote at least that much of our lifetime to our profession. That means for 11,700 days or over 46 years, many people work at jobs that are filled with feelings of discouragement, exhaustion and stagnation. This problem is universal. It can happen to you whether you are an executive or a secretary, a housewife or a sales person. It can be contagious, spreading to family members and co-workers. Worse, a bad attitude feeds on itself, triggering slides in group morale and productivity.

Then there are the others. These people, fewer in numbers, have work days that are crammed with energy, ideas, high spirits and success. I’m sure you know people like this. I do, and their “secret” has intrigued me ever since I was a teenager and began noticing this phenomenon.

What Is Their “Secret”?

I have been studying and observing human behavior over the years. Based on this observation, I’ve developed some insights of how vision influences morale and productivity. I hope that by sharing these with you it will help inspire you to steer your life in the direction you really want it to go.

The Basis of My Approach

  1. I believe every person, and, on a larger scale, every company has a vision. This vision embodies expectations, goals and values. I translate these abstract ideas into something tangible that I call “Your Way of Doing Business.” When this concept becomes clear, you and your managers can be much more effective. My method is not to train your employees directly. Instead, I work with you and your management team to define your individual way of doing business. This makes you better coaches for your staff.
  2. The programs and processes that I suggest are not “quick fixes” or band-aid approaches. Once Your Way of Doing Business is defined, I use a support model I call the 3P approach. The 3P’s consists of using the right People, Programs and Processes that will support you and your company.
  3. By working together with you and your leaders, I support you in developing lasting, well thought out solutions that solve the difficult ongoing challenges you face.

Please take time to think about your personal and company vision so that when we talk I will fully understand the shape you want your professional life to take.

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