When Does A Vision Become A Vision?

 John Ruh  Vision


This is not a trick question. It is something we want you to think about. Joel Barker says, “Vision and only vision gives you direction.”

I. Every person and every company has a vision.

It may be buried or invisible. People may call it their Dream or Wish or worse yet, make it an expectation that they hope someone else will create for them. From our perspective, underneath all the complaining, talking about problems and general confusion, there is, buried in all of us, a vision (a grandiose word for outcome) we want to achieve. It could be a career/job/vocation, a family situation or a crowning accomplishment. It often takes skilled interviewing to bring it into the light, but, when you do it as a leader, people may think you are brilliant.

II. All successful visions have 4 qualities associated with them:

  1. A clearly defined and stated outcome
  2. A context/perspective that it can be done
  3. A commitment to achieving it
  4. Taking ownership or responsibility for implementing it

Note: Read www.johnruh.com/vision-context-commitment-responsibility/

III. The vision process usually looks like this:

Once A-D are in place, you need to put a comprehensive strategy, structure and support system in place. This requires resources, time and the proper people as support. If you fail to do this, the vision is dead. But, once A-D are done, plus the strategy, structure and support are in place, some extraordinary outcomes can be achieved.

My Answer to the Question:
Vision becomes alive once one declares it and A-D are in place. Until that occurs, it is merely a dream, wish or worse yet, an expectation you think someone must deliver to you.

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