Victim vs. VCCR

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

What is the Victim Mindset?
It is a predisposed, habitual way of thinking that can cause unnecessary and avoidable stress. Please read this blog:

What is VCCR?
An acronym for Vision, Context, Commitment and Responsibility. These are the four ingredients all successful people possess that allow them to create higher levels of achievement. Read this blog:

Why This Might Be Important to You
You can have access to our years of hands on research into vision and a proven model that can increase your odds of creating the success and satisfaction you seek in life.

3 Offers to Create the Support You Truly Need:

  1. A one-time 60-minute introduction to explain the model to your/your team.
  2. 2-hour customized, hands-on workshop on moving from Victimization to Vision.
  3. 90-day introductory offer to partner with John M. Ruh and Associates and gain immediate access to our leadership team plus our 5* best practice tools including this model and many others.


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