Continuous Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Continuous Improvement

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement

Why Three Times?

Because continuous improvement must become a habit like brushing your teeth. To do it properly you must implement it at three levels at your firm.

  1. Companywide
  2. Department wide
  3. Individually

What is continuous improvement really?
Continuous improvement is traditionally considered an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

My take on it: It is really a context, belief or perspective that allows one to always be in the process of finding and implementing improvements be it for the individual, the department or the company.

What is your take on it?

Our 3 Step Process of Implementation

  1. Companywide
    Continuous improvement has to be declared as a focus, ideally made a core value, and supported from the top down. The model and overall plan for program/process improvement needs to be implemented and supported by top management. Step 1 absolutely, positively must state why this has to be done for the company’s survival.
  2. Departments
    Each department does its’ own implementation. That allows for different needs yet gets everyone involved.
  3. Individually
    Ideally the company has a plan in place that requires everyone to work on his/her personal and professional development. Why? A company can’t grow if its people are stagnant.

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