The Three Key Best Practice Programs All Companies Need

 John Ruh  Leadership

Best Practices1. Have a clearly stated game plan built on your business culture.


  1. No one can successfully play any game if they don’t know the rules or how the game is to be played.
  2. Culture is the foundation of any business or life for that matter.
  3. Business culture needs to be put first and foremost truthful in a practical language and with clearly stated vision, goals, mission and values.

2. Create a sales program that covers three key areas and has strong new business development component.


  1. You do not want to be TOTALLY dependent on your relationship management and customer responsiveness to create new business for you.
  2. NBD creates growth and a company that is not growing is dying.
  3. A is very risky if you don’t have NBD working.
  4. You will have tremendous issues are finding and retaining leaders and strong role players if they see or feel you don’t have a future that excites them.

3. Make sure you have a recruiting program that can find 8, 9 and 10 players consistently.

Why and How

  1. Set up a program like all major professional sports teams and many very successful companies have. Why; It works!
  2. Discuss with us how to hire a 1099 contract recruiter that ONLY represents you (and can save you $).
  3. Follow a proven 5-step program, best practice process that works. Learn how to interview not only for qualifications but for business culture alignment and the traits ( you need in any new hire.