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The John M. Ruh and Associates 5 Step Recruiting Model

 John Ruh  John Ruh’s 5 Step Recruiting Model

Success in your business means hiring the right people that align with your company’s mission and vision. Having a Internal Recruiting Program that produces quality candidates is paramount for every business.

Step 1 – Culture Defined (the foundation)

The company’s history, vision, current goals, mission and values need to be clarified so this program (and any others) are built on a solid foundation (this will allow steps 2-5 to be very successful).

Step 2 – Recruitment Description (defining Mr./Ms. Right in 3 areas)

  1. Culture (vision, mission and values alignment).
  2. Skills, experience and education.
  3. Desired traits.

Step 3 – The Recruitment Strategy

Knowing where to find Mr./Ms. Right and the exact tactics to be used, along with who will execute the tactics and how measurement of results will be communicated.

Step 4 – The Interview Process and Evaluation

  1. Review ABC’s on recruitment description. Grade candidate 1-10 on each.
  2. Before hire is made have a vision and values alignment check done by someone who understands how. (If person’s vision/goals/values don’t align, don’t hire them).
  3. Background checks (both parties check each other out…no secrets)

– Thorough work behavioral reference checks to validate or invalidate your feelings about the candidate (the past is the key to the future).

– Group evaluation/input from internal team (to get buy in/feedback)

– Assessment tools used by client which can include DISC, OMNIA, Profiles International etc…whatever tool you prefer. (I personally prefer DiSC.)

Step 5 – Hired/Oriented Right (The step most people skip for some reason)

  1. Agreement on all terms/expectations by both parties before the candidate begins employment.
  2. Clearly define the job description and review processes to be used (spell it out so there is no confusion).
  3. Orientation 1st 90 days to determine 3 things: 1) Is it a culture fit, 2) Is the candidate able to be 8, 9, 10 and, 3) What is the best way to communicate in order to empower them? (If it is determined this is not the right hire, terminate early).

*Must be done in accordance with state and federal laws.