The Power of Structure

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Professional Development

  • Do you feel under pressure/stress constantly?
  • Do you lack time for important projects…everyday tasks…yourself?
  • Need a uniform effective way of doing things?

If so, you most likely have a structure challenge.

Consider Trying Three Steps:

Step 1 – Take Ownership
Understanding and accepting this is your issue and not falling into the trap of playing victim or blaming your circumstances or other people. Please read this article.

Step 2 – Stop
Stopping and reflecting is critical as without doing so you cannot see clearly.
Making “Stopping” a habit can open up possibilities for you that you otherwise miss. Please read this article.

Step 3 – Put in place the “Right Structure”
Once you make stopping a habit, next you need to think about structure (for your time, support or responsibilities). This can be individually and/or your team/company. Often overlooked, this is an individual issue we all should approach based on our natural behavioral style. This step usually requires some introspection, guidance and benching one’s own Ego.

So Now What?

If you feel you are facing a structure challenge, let’s talk. Call 773-641-9631 or email