The Power of A Declaration

 John Ruh  Business Culture, Leadership, Professional Development

1776: A group of Independent leaders DECLARED US TO BE A FREE, INDEPENDENT NATION 

What does that have to do with you and your business?

Key Points – By: John Ruh

Point 1: Your Declaration
Somewhere along the way you or someone in your company DECLARED that you were a new business entity. You saw an opportunity and you committed yourself to it and took ownership.  Or maybe you just saw a better way to provide a product or service.  Either way, you created a vision and a direction. Then, you created some rules or a code of conduct you expected everyone associated with you to operate under. This “declaration”, however tacit it may have been, was (and remains), a key component of the lifeblood of your business.

Point 2:  You created a new game.
You called the game Your Way of Doing Business (or just “your model”). But no one else knows your game. And this is why it is so hard to hire into your culture. Your culture must be communicated in a game plan that people can see, feel and experience in order for them to participate in the success of it. How can anyone win a game they don’t understand?

Point 3: Communicating Your Way of Doing Business
If you are having trouble positioning your company, finding people that align with your culture; or getting current employees to align themselves with your game plan, you have to ask yourself: Have I properly defined and communicated my Way Of Doing Business?  Do it now.  It will solve many of your other issues.

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