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The One-Hour Interview

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The One-Hour Interview

By: John Ruh

Like most of you, I have been intrigued, challenged and frustrated by the recent business climate. It has stimulated me to think again about how we account for the truly extraordinary, exceptional people — the creative thinkers, the outstanding performers, the dynamic catalysts for change. What is the secret of their excellence?

After more than 30 years of work and observation, my conclusion is that the answer cannot be found by adopting any program or attending any series of courses or following any set script. Those people whom we admire because they live according to a powerful vision and produce to their maximum are acting on a realization of the unique potential within themselves.

Their purpose comes from a clearly defined sense of self-understanding that gives direction to what they do. Acting on that, they create around themselves strong systems of support for achieving their goals. These systems of support may be environmental or financial or relational or other, the variations reflecting individual temperaments and particular needs and objectives.

Where does this leave the rest of us who experience ourselves in a less complete way? How are we different?

I would suggest that most of us simply have not focused on discovering the potential within ourselves and, from that self-knowledge, creating our own set of answers – whether that program involves personal fulfillment or an organizational plan.

Through my research and study, I have developed an approach to concentrating on those special qualities within ourselves that represent our best and should guide our lifestyle choices. With energy and commitment, I firmly believe that we can use that kind of self-awareness to inform and strengthen our personal and professional growth in creating our own excellence.

If you are sincerely interested in creating the support necessary to excel, I can assure you that, through a process that I call “A One-Hour Interview,” you will experience some insight into how to activate your own inner urge to motivate and drive yourself toward achieving your goals, your objectives, your dreams.

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