Supporting Effective Change Management

 John Ruh  Continuous Improvement, DISC

Supporting Effective Change ManagementWe address one of the most difficult topics in all organizations, change management, through a more comprehensive appreciation of individual perspectives. Utilizing the DISC Profile Tool, leaders can learn how different personal styles react to change situations, and proactively prepare teams for smoother and more effective adjustments.

John Ruh and Associates will facilitate effective Change and Improvement Programs by communicating effective directives based upon various styles’ tendency to receive these programs.

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profile per company and learn more about Change Management and how it effects different DISC styles.

Key Benefits

  • A proven way to implement change based upon your DISC population.
  • Less confusion, resistance and dissatisfaction with needed change initiatives.
  • More effective improvement outcomes.

Learn more about DISC and Change by requesting John to facilitate a 60 minute meeting at your company to discuss how to make change work for your organization. Call 773-775-6636 or email