Stress Affects Everyone…Want a Simple Remedy?

 John Ruh  DISC, Leadership, Professional Development

A Simple Tool for Managing Stress

Stress (both personal and career/work driven) is an unavoidable part of life for nearly everyone. However, enhanced self-awareness and understanding can make the stress drivers in life very manageable.

DISC and Stress is a proven tool created by John M Ruh Associates based upon decades of direct, real-world research and situational experience. DISC and Stress can provide a better understanding of oneself and others, and this creates recognition of the triggers of stress and techniques to immediately reduce it.

Try our 3 Step Process to Learn More and Experience the Tool

  • Step 1 Take a 12-minute, online free profile (one per company) and learn how your DISC behavioral style also plays a major role in triggering your personal stress reaction.
  • Step 2 Gain awareness of personal stressors and learn how to adjust your style to improve outcomes and gain control and power over situational stress.
  • Step 3 Create Your Stress Management plan with one of our trainers.

Do you have 12 minutes to invest in learning more about yourself, without obligation?
Call Darlene at 773-775-6636 or send her an email ( and request one FREE profile/company to identify your stressors and how to gain control over them.