“Recruiting Like a Pro” (RLP) Program

What it is:

A proven recruiting program based on the model that professional sports teams use. Teams consistently evaluate their existing talent and scout for new individuals to provide future impact on the team. These assessments increase the odds of finding both impact and role players who can grow your firm.

Problem/Challenge it Solves: 

  1. RLP helps resolve perhaps your number one cost issue: Keeping people you can’t afford to lose and losing people you can’t afford to keep.
  2. RLP will give your managers the confidence to replace 4, 5 and 6 performers with 8, 9 and 10’s.
  3. RLP gives you a dedicated recruiter representing only your firm who understands your culture and people and will make recruiting an ongoing recruiting process that provides the firm with a flow of potential impact and key role players.

How it Works: 

We learn your company, your culture and what type of people will fit in best, then follow through in providing candidates that align with these points. John M. Ruh and associates 5 Steps to recruiting process.

Introductory Offer:

  1. First recruitment description at ½ price.
  2. One-time 60-minute session on Interviewing Like a Pro.

Workshops That Support It:

  • Recruiting Like a Pro
    • What is the recruiting model all sports teams use and why?
    • How recruiting like a pro can eliminate your number one cost problem “Keeping people whose cost exceeds value”
    • The what, why and how to set up a program like this
  • 5 Steps to Interviewing Right
    • Learn a powerful interviewing model
    • Receive a sample recruitment description model to use for all positions
    • Learn how to recruit like a pro

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