Someone You Should Meet

Someone You Should MeetThese are leaders and/or highly skilled people who you can meet and hire either as a 1099 independent contractor or direct hire

If Interested, contact John Ruh at 773-641-9631or email

ID Skills and Experience Type of Hire
001 Logistics Operations Manager seeking a similar position within a well established company where he can maximize his leadership, managerial, program development and training skill set 1099/Direct
002 In-house legal counsel with strong legal knowledge in state and federal energy policy issues 1099/Direct
003 A growth focused, hands-on, and customer-oriented President, General Manager or Senior Marketing Leader with a proven track record of success. 1099/Direct
004 A well-rounded, senior executive possessing a broad management skill-set, who successfully managed both privately-held and public organizations in the consumer and industrial markets. 1099/Direct
005 Senior level operations executive in industrial product manufacturing with emphasis in global supply chain directions, LEAN Manufacturing an Process Improvement among other aspects in manufacturing. 1099/Direct
006 Human resource professional with experiences in food, luxury and textiles; LEAN Manufacturing and HR systems implementation experiences 1099/Direct
007 Operations professional working in a variety of industries in cpg. Strong sales and business development team leader with overseas experiences in general management 1099/Direct

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