Prosperity vs. Poverty Mindset

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

3 Questions

  1. What is Prosperity vs. Poverty Mindset?
  2. Why is this important to you, your team or company?
  3. What are practical steps one can take to create a Prosperity Mindset?

Poverty Thinking People:

  • Spend lots of time figuring out ways to save money and generally say they have no time/support.
  • See only what something costs. Tend to jump over dollars to save pennies.
  • Pass up opportunities – because of their beliefs/context they miss opportunities.

Prosperity Thinking People:

  • Spend money to find ways to save them time and generally support themselves/ organization better.
  • See the whole picture- both costs and opportunities.
  • Capitalize on opportunities and create ways to cost justify the investment in themselves/company.

Why Bother with this?
A poverty mindset/context/way of thinking can create undue stress for oneself (and others). Additionally, it often puts one on a path counter to one’s vision of success for themselves, their team or company.

3 Steps to Prosperity Thinking

Step One:
STOP! Take an honest look inside yourself to truly understand your context/beliefs, which may be unconscious to you, thus creating undue stress and taking you down a costly, unprofitable path.

Step Two:
Commit to investing in yourself, your team and/or company. Start by asking where you want to go, and what time and money investment is needed to get there. To paraphrase Goethe “Nothing happens until one is committed.”

Step Three:
Start putting in place the right People, Structure and Tools (P.S.T.) that you, your team/company truly need. This process takes time, creates new habits and ways of thinking, and can substantially increase your potential success and satisfaction in life. Read this piece please

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