Are You Cheap?

 John Ruh  Leadership

Do people who know you consider you cheap? Do you hold this as a badge of honor? If so you are limiting your success.

Everybody has a frugal (politically correct word for cheap) side. For the sake of this article let’s call that side, “Cheapo.” If Cheapo is making your decisions in life, he is only looking at the cost side of the equation.

Thus, he is very prejudiced, judgmental and limited in what he can see. Cheapo can’t see value and misses opportunity because he’s only looking at cost. A former client of mine used to say, “Cheapos jump over dollars to save pennies.”

What to do about it.
Don’t let this side of you monopolize your decision making. Access another part of yourself, the wise business leader, who sees the big picture. Let that side of you run the business and only allow Cheapo to speak when all other parts of an opportunity have been thoroughly explored


  • Step 1
    Get to know Cheapo well.
  • Step 2
    Learn more about the part of you that can make wiser decisions.
  • Step 3
    Start the process of awareness and separation.

We can help!
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