Learning How To Bench Our Ego

 John Ruh  Leadership, Professional Development

Learning How To Bench Our EgoSpeaking leader to leader, we must:

  • Understand the nature of our ego
    This, to a great extent, determines our natural leadership style.
  • Accept the nature of our ego
    This means accepting both what you like and don’t like and recognizing what is real. Acceptance comes from the heart not the head.
  • Support our ego right
    This is complicated and a moving target, but great results are the by-product of having the proper support. This includes having the right Programs, Processes and/or People we need to support our work and personal life so our vision and goals are alive and well.

Our Support

  1. Read “Chasing Your Tail” a free blog at www.johnruh.com/are-you-chasing-your-tail/.
  2. Read Phil Jackson’s book, 11 Rings which is a great book on this subject and leadership/coaching in general (as well as a fun sports book) or ask us for our book summary.
  3. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Blog on How to Bench Your Ego. Can’t wait? Call/email John now at 773-641-9631.

PS: Think about it. How can you accept and support yourself if you don’t really understand yourself? We need to first to understand and accept yourself, and then to have a continuous improvement program in place to grow ourselves. It’s everyone’s job, like brushing one’s teeth (https://www.johnruh.com/brushing-your-teeth/).

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