Is Your Company Ready To Grow in 2019?

 John Ruh  Leadership

Is Your Company Read to Grow in 2019?

As an entrepreneur, your goal is always to see year over year growth. One of the first things you can do to improve your business is to chart out a path for the future. Central to the idea of business growth is goal setting, and not having plans and goals for the future is an invitation for the competition to mop the floor with your business. In your goal is to grow in 2019, this is a good place to start, and it is absolutely essential to analyze the previous year’s business plan to see what worked and what didn’t.

One way to do this is to train your employees to play according to your way of doing business.  To help crystallize this idea, consider the following little league baseball analogy:

The Warmup

A bunch of youngsters get together to play baseball. When first told to take the field, the whole group runs out to the pitcher’s mound and stands there. When they are finally placed in the proper defensive order, the first batter gets up, hits the ball and runs directly to second base.

Though this may sound like some of the legendary Chicago Cub teams, it’s actually what happened during the first practice when I coached my six-year-old’s baseball team. I just assumed everyone knew the rules of baseball. They quickly made me realize how wrong I was.

At the time, I was the owner of two growing businesses. This also made me realize I needed to make sure employees knew the rules of the game in my company. So, I customized a program called, “Our Way of Doing Business.”

Pre-game Preparation

Every new employee is like one of those six-year-olds taking the field. They have no idea what position you want them to take unless you tell them. So, the first thing you must do is write down and communicate, “Your Way of Doing Business.”

Taking the Field

Once every employee knows exactly what the object of the game is and how they fit in it, they will be ready to play like a team and take you on to a winning season. Even your rookies will contribute consistently.

Our Pitch

Let our seasoned veterans coach you on the how to of developing, writing and communicating “Your Way of Doing Business.” Once you do, your team knows when it’s time to make a sacrifice or go for the extra base. You could be looking at the play-offs or beyond.

Extra Innings

Need help with specific challenges? We work relentlessly and compassionately with leaders to put best practices in place. This means providing the right programs, processes and people (the 3P approach).You won’t know how we can hit until you give us a chance to bat.